Modular Units III for Solar Electricity Large Scale using Natural Convection



A new configuration is described to harness solar energy using natural convection.  It has some similarities to the solar chimney but uses the entire solar absorber area for a modest height warm air store.  This generates buoyancy which draws ambient air through the solar collector at low velocity.  All incoming air is required to flow through a central convergent nozzle where it is accelerated to high velocity.  A turbine placed in the throat of the nozzle intercepts this kinetic energy and exports up to 80% of the solar energy absorbed.

Modular units are described of area 100 x 100 m and height 10 m which could be built adjacent to each other in repeat patterns on desert or scrub land generating electricity large scale from solar energy with an overall efficiency of 80% and in a tropical climate an average output of 160 MW/square kilometre.


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